janina samoles

Address: San Francisco, CA 94110

E-mail: info@mysite.com

Tel: 123-456-7890

Professional info

I'm a freelance photographer, digital artist and filmmaker.   I also teach photography skills

on a one to one basis as well as in small workshops.





Freelance Photographer

1999- present

I work on a freelance basis in all forms of photography. Portraiture, still lifes, weddings and

travel.   I also make short films and have made several shorts.  I am currently working on pre-production of an advertising commercial for a up and coming clothing company, Democracy and have also just finished producing short film, Gold, which we hope will go all the way to the Baftas!

2010 - present

Digital art and manipulation

2005 - present

 I can retouch, layer, manipulate

images in Photoshop and am constantly upgrading my skills.

I also make digital art from layering multiple images and have exhibited in London.


2010 - present

London College of Communication


MA in screenwriting.    After making some short films, I decided to take a side step

and learn screenwriting.  I have since been funded by The Film Council to write a treatment

for a feature film, won various writing awards/competitions and have skills in directing, and self shooting.

Sir John Cass


BA Fine Arts 2    Specialising in photography


PTTL Certificate grade 4 for teaching adults in the adult sector